Credit to a great study by David Baxter and his team in New Zealand for highlighting 6 things you need to know about lower back pain:1

) Acute low back pain is common and episodes are often short-lived and usually reassurance is very helpful.

2) Investigations in the first 4-6 weeks are not indicated unless there are red flags present (there are risks and associated costs with unnecessary radiology).

3) The evidence of the benefits of activity has strengthened. This means it is important to stay or become physically active and resume usual activities, including work as soon as possible.

4) Analgesia and manual therapy may provide some short-term symptom control.

5) Some clinical interventions may be harmful, especially extended bed rest and the use of opiates or diazepam.

6) Advice on early return to work is helpful.

In conclusion, lower back is common, don’t panic, seek professional advice and try and remain as active as possible.