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Ben's mission is for White Rose Physiotherapy Clinic to transform lives where we help you get back to doing what you love by targeting the root cause of your symptoms and providing you with a transparent journey for your recovery using our structured 7 step approach.

Ben Sutton

Physiotherapist and Clinical Director

Treatments provided: Physiotherapy, dry needling, sports massage and personal training

Clinical Experience:

  • NHS rotations
  • 2 years head of medical services England Women’s Rugby League
  • 3 years head of medical services Newcastle Thunder Rugby League
  • 4 years Physiotherapist at Northumbria University Performance Sports
  • 5 years private practice
  • Clinical mentorship with Dave O’Sullivan at the Pro-Sport academy 

Interesting fact: I have been to 20% of the countries in the world.

Favourite type of food: Italian

Favourite type of drink: Rum and ginger ale

Favourite holiday destination: Greece

Tea or coffee: Coffee

Any ambitions: To see every wonder of the world

Amy Edwards

Massage therapist

Treatments provided: Hot stones massage, Indian Head Massage, Lower Leg & Foot Massage, Upper Body Relaxing Treatment

Clinical Experience:

  • Fully Qualified Sports Massage Therapist Level 3

Interesting fact: I’m only 4ft10!

Favourite type of food: Thai

Favourite type of drink: Gin

Favourite holiday destination: Italy

Tea or coffee: Coffee

Any ambitions: To travel more and see amazing places

Amber Cormack


Treatments provided: Physiotherapist and Sports Massage

Clinical Experience: Completing various rotational posts within the NHS including MSK, neurological, orthopaedic, rehabilitation. Work in the private sector in sports, occupational health and rehabilitation. 

Favourite type of food: Mexican

Favourite type of drink: Mojitos

Tea or coffee: Tea

Any ambitions: To surf in Australia

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