Hamstring strains are one of the most common injuries in sport. Previous strains to the hamstring is a significant risk factor for future hamstring injury. Prevention is better than a cure and here are 5 ways in which you can bulletproof your hamstrings to minimise your risk of further injury.

  1. Regular and graded exposure to high speed running – try running at maximum speed twice a week over a distance of 30-50 metres.
  • Correct running mechanics:
    • Avoid overstriding as this can put excess stress through the hamstrings.
    • Avoid excess pelvis motion during running as dropping into anterior pelvic tilt can put extra stress through the hamstrings.
  • Strengthen the hamstrings in a variety of ways. Think about what hamstring exercises you do? Do you train:
    • Eccentrically,
    • Isometrically
    • Low velocity
    • High velocity
    • Hip dominant
    • Knee dominant

You should train with a combination of all of the above!

  • Ensure your training is well planned, avoid high speed running after a lower limb gym session. This can increase your risk of injury because the muscles are already fatigued. Try sprinting before the gym or the day after a gym session.
  • Don’t ignore the warning signs. More than normal tightness through the hamstrings especially if one sided should be notes and take caution.

If you need any help with your hamstrings or you are concerned about re-injury, speak to one of our physiotherapists who can help you bulletproof them! Complete the form here and we will give you a call.