We are back open to see face-to-face appointments

If you think you would like to come to the clinic for a face-to-face appointment, it is essential that you read the following policy on Covid-19:

The current Government and Public Health England guidance is that we must follow a virtual triage approach to appointments to discuss whether face-to-face appointments are appropriate. Examples would include urgent rehabilitation need (that if not met may require care from GP / secondary care or social care agencies); escalating pain; reduced function; a condition that is likely to deteriorate; chronic exacerbation; pain that is negatively effecting your mental health; not responding to self management; not responding to virtual treatment.

The virtual triage will be completed either by telephone or Zoom and will be free of charge. During the triage, if face-to-face is deemed appropriate, the risks of being in close proximity to your therapist and how we will manage these risks will be discussed. If you are happy to proceed, we will complete a Covid-19 symptom screening. The screening will consist of a series of questions set out below:

1)      Do you have a cough?

2)      Do you have a temperature?

3)      Are you experiencing an alteration or reduction in your sense of taste and/or smell?

4)      Have any members of your household had a positive Covid-19 test?

5)      Are any members of your household experiencing any of the above symptoms?

As long as the answers are negative to the Covid screening, an appointment will be made.

On the morning of your appointment, you will be text to confirm that you or any member of your household is NOT currently self-isolating or has a raised temperature, new cough, shortness of breath, a sore throat or lost the sense of taste or smell.

Arriving at the clinic

  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment.
  • Please wait in your car until your Physiotherapist collects you.
  • Please come to the appointment alone (unless a carer or guardian is appropriate).
  • The Covid-19 screening questions will be asked again in case of any change of symptoms.
  • We will take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer (if your temperature reads above 37.5 degrees Celsius, theappointment will be rebooked due to this being a potential early symptom of Covid-19, you will be given advise to contact 111 / online advice and education.
  • The patient will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided at the clinic entrance.
  • The patient will then put on the mask provided (if not already wearing one).

During your appointment

  • The sitting arrangements will be 2 metres apart.
  • During the session, we will try to ensure social distancing where possible.
  • Where not possible the patient positioning will minimise the risk for example using positions where the patient is lying face down will be used where possible.
  • The treatment room will be ventilated by keeping the window open.
  • Contactless payments will be used, either by card or bank transfer. No cash will be taken

At the end of the appointment

  • The patient will be asked to hand sanitise or wash their hands.
  • The mask is to be kept on until the patient reaches their car or home (personal choice).

How we are minimising the risk

The appointments will be staggered to allow 15 minutes between appointments to clean the room and to ensure patients do not come in close proximity to each other.

The therapist will wear (in compliance with Government guidelines):

  • single use gloves
  • single use aprons
  • sessional use masks
  • face shield

The Patient will:

  • Sanitise on entry
  • Be screened for Covid-19
  • Wear a mask
  • Wear a face shield (own choice)

The clinic surfaces will be cleaned with appropriate detergent between appointments (including plinths, door handles, chairs).

Towels and pillows will not be used.

Only use the toilet in an emergency

Disposal of PPE and cleaning equipment will be compliance of Government guidelines being placed in a double bag for 72 hours and then disposed of in the normal way.

What to do now

Consent to treatment

When you book a new appointment, we will send you a new consent form which has been created for the new COVID-19 situation. If you could complete the form prior to your appointment, unfortunately anyone who arrives to their appointment without completing the form will lose their appointment.

We will also send out the appointment process as detailed above and if you could read it prior to your appointment it will help make things go smoothly.


We have done everything we can to reduce the risk of Covid-19 to our clinicians and our patients. However, if you come in for face-to-face treatments, please be aware that there is no way that we can eliminate the risk of you contracting Covid-19.

If either you or one of your household is in the high risk group (immunosupressed, underlying heart or lung conditions) it does not necessarily mean do not come for treatment, however when we complete the virtual triage we will discuss the risk / reward and whether it is clinically justified for you to come to a treatment.

If you have any questions regarding face-to-face appointments then please contact us.