Our Massage Oils

We ensure that every aspect of your treatment is taken care of and the oils we use are an important part of the treatment.

The oils we use in White Rose are carefully chosen. Diya wellness (link Diya Wellness) makes them locally, they are sustainable as we use refills and they are cruelty free, plus they all smell amazing so what more can you ask for! 

We use four different blends with the potential of a new blend coming soon! 

Strengthening oil is perfect for a sports massage for any tight muscles. This amazing smelling blend is warm and hydrating for your skin. Black pepper in the oil helps to relax inflamed muscles and can also help with blood circulation. Avocado oil is packed with vitamins and fatty acids to improve the appearance of skin which means after the massage your skin will be glowing!

Nourishing oil, this blend is perfect for a relaxing massage such as hot stones or Indian head massage. The smell of the oil reminds you of a spa and has very relaxing properties from the rose geranium. 

The mix of evening primrose, Ylang ylang and turmeric helps improve the skins appearance as they are packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

Relaxing oil, this does what it says! The essential oils in this blend are made for relaxing massages and perfect to help you relax during a treatment. The smell of lavender naturally makes you relax and feel sleepy. Sandalwood is used for meditation as it helps focus the mind. Vetiver helps reduce anxiety and depression.  Try this blend when you want to zone out, our back, neck, shoulder and face massage is amazing with this oil. 

Refreshing oil, wow this smells amazing! Fresh and zesty blend with the best benefits! If you want to feel energised after a massage this is perfect. 

We recommend this oil for leg and foot massage. 

Lemon, sweet orange and sweet almond all mixed together. The sweet orange helps to detoxify and relieve inflammation, the lemon helps alleviate anxiety and is packed with anti-oxidants. If you have dry feet or skin, the evening primrose in this blend is naturally firming and moisturising. 

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