Step 1: We LISTEN to your story and put the pieces together to understand why your pain experience is affecting your life

Step 2: We MAKE SENSE of your movement habits using our techniques to quickly find the root cause of your symptoms.

Step 3: We EXPLAIN clearly in simple terms your problem. After listening carefully to what matters most to you, we will make a journey to recovery with milestones showing what you need to do next and how to get back to what you love doing. You decide what you want and need to be able to do and we will design this for you. With clarity comes power and with power comes action.

Step 4: We RELIEVE UNWANTED TENSION in your muscles and ease your pain quickly using cutting edge hands on techniques (if appropriate) and other fast acting movements.

Step 5: We guide and support your through your BESPOKE MOVEMENT PLAN that gets you back to feeling good again. We help you find ways to fit these into your lifestyle so you can make even more progress between sessions.

Step 6: Never allow an exercise to flare your symptoms again. You will RECEIVE YOUR EXERCISE VIDEOS following your session delivered straight to your email so you can be happy that you are doing your exercises correctly while having us with you 24/7 guiding you through these movements for maximum value , support and progress between sessions.

Step 7: As the pain eases and your confidence improves, we continue to guide you BUILD EVEN MORE STRENGTH so you can feel secure about your body and mind again. This is the most important part of the program that many healthcare professionals overlook and can have devastating consequences.

This is what will allow you to return to doing what you love with long lasting symptom relief.