We offer a range of treatments tailored to your requirements, whether you have an injury, aches or just need some relaxation. Find out more about our treatments below.

60 minutes (full body): £50
30 minutes (back, neck, face and head): £30

Hot Stones Massage

Hot stones treatments were developed by Mary Nelson in 1993 in America. Her technique has been changed and is now used in so many ways by individual therapists.

Hot stones has so many benefits to it, one hot stone stroke is equal to 10 normal massage strokes.

It eases inflammation and muscle injury.

The heat from the stones increases blood flow to the muscles which helps circulation, flushing out of waste products and cleansing internal organs.

The hot stones treatment, has a lasting affect and it can be up to 10 times longer than an normal massage.

The treatment reduces stress, promotes better sleep and provides deep relaxation.

Indian Head Massage

This beautifully relaxing treatment is from an important part of Indian life and tradition. Babies in India have daily head massages, the families share this with other family members to help each other. It was only as recent as 1970’s when this was brought over to western counties by Narendra Mehta.

There are many benefits to this treatment;

  • Increases lymphatic flow which helps to remove toxins and waste products.
  • Helps boost endorphins
  • Improves circulation to help bring oxygen and nutrients to cells
  • Reduced bloody pressure

30 minutes: £30

Lower Leg & Foot Massage

Perfect treatment for tired legs, this helps relax and refresh aching legs and feet.

Massage to the legs and feet helps increase circulation which can help pain relief. This can be especially helpful for clients who suffer from diabetes or Raynauds. Loosening tight muscles in your legs can help prevent injuries and regular massages improve mental well-being and decrease in stress.

30 minutes: £30

Upper Body Relaxing Treatment

This relaxing treatment will help you to unwind. Back, neck head and face massage with oils. Perfect for the end of the day or when you want a treat.

Head and face massage helps to increase circulation and helps relieve headaches.

Relaxing massages promote improved sleep and increased endorphins.

30 minutes: £30

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