Sleep plays a huge role in your ability to perform, resist and recover from an injury.

We know that a good nights sleep is beneficial and that we perform better because we often have an early night before “a big day tomorrow” in order to get “a good nights rest”.

When stress hormones are high, it can take you longer to wind down for bed, travel, caffeine, blue light use all can contribute to affecting your sleep.

Injury usually occurs due to an acute event or an inability to tolerate an increase in training loads.

Teens who slept less than 8 hours were 1.7 times more likely to sustain an injury!

How it can help healing!!!

Growth hormone which is needed for tissue regeneration and repair is secreted during sleep.

While you sleep, less oxygen and energy is required for digestion allowing the body to devote that energy to building proteins and transporting free fatty acid which are required for healing.