How many times have you been told to “sit upright” or “stop slouching”? 

When sitting for a prolonged period do you notice neck, shoulder or lower back pain? This is actually completely normal and a good thing as it shows that the body is sending signals to your brain telling you it’s not comfortable. This is when it’s time to listen to your body and move. 

Over time, we have been led to believe the perfect posture is to sit upright, chest out with a neutral spine, but this leads to the lower back muscles working hard to maintain the position – this leads to discomfort. 

It could be said that it is not the sitting that is bad, but the lack of movement that is detrimental. We are designed to move and not sit still for 7-8 hours. Moving out of the chair every hour and varying your postures is the best way to avoid sitting discomfort. 

So how should I sit?

The best posture is to try and keep as relaxed in the chair as possible, let the chair support you rather than pressing into it. 

Keep your lower back muscles relaxed and ribcage depressed with your pelvis slightly tilted backwards. This will means there is less work for your lower back muscles to do and your breathing mechanics will be improved.